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ACTYVA – Science and Nature

With Actyva, we seek to create the perfect combination of tradition and innovation to bring together the functionality of science and innovation to bring together the functionality of science and the gentleness of nature. The synergy between technologically advanced raw materials and natural ingredients ensures the highest treatment efficacy and tolerability.


Actyva products feature the following certifications:

LOVE NATURE This certification is connected to a specific procedural guideline that Kemon abides by to protect the environment and consumer health. In it, there is a long list of ingredients that are allowed to be used in cosmetics but that we have chosen to eliminate from our products because, even if only suspected, they may cause harm to the environment or the health of those who come into contact with them.

ICEA VEGAN In the ingredients and throughout the entire production cycle of Actyva products, no raw material or process aid of animal and/or GMO origin is used.


Our initiatives to protect the environment:

GREEN PE The packaging, bottles and tubes, are made from recyclable Green PE. This innovative material is produced from sugarcane, a renewable raw material that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.